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Dominican Republic Jazz Festival Workshops [br][br] Dominican Republic Jazz Festival through their educational vision, made in each version Music Education Workshops which are taught by artists who are day by day in the billboard Festival. [br] [br] This educational experience has become an important element of the programming ofical because through it you can provide quality music education by figures of world-class jazz which impart their musical knowledge and thus developing the motivation of the thousands of students in the areas of Cabarete, Sosua, and groups close, eagerly waiting this activity simultaneously with the concerts. [br] [br] The Workshops Scheduling and planning the training of the issues are addressed by the extraordinary musician and Artistic Director of the Festival Ramon Vazquez which has extensive experience in education and is responsible for multiple educational projects such as: [br] He is a professor and founding member of the new Department of Jazz and Caribbean Music Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico. He was also a professor in the Department of Popular Music of the University of Puerto Rico. Helped organize and establish the IAJE, International Association for Jazz Educators, Puerto Rico Chapter, of which he is an executive member. It has been highlighted as a teacher and conferenciatante in several institutions in and outside of PR. [br] [br] In our version No 16 The workshops will be in charge of major world jazz figures have been included as well turn Masterclass seminars for teachers who are interested in learning more musical tools in teaching, and thus to provide advice and support to the education community and the faculty. [br] [br] Workshop Programme: [br][br] Jueves 1 Noviembre[br] Dream Project Cabarete[br] 11:00 AM[br] – Ramón Vázquez[br] [br] Viernes 2 Noviembre[br] Casa Marina Hotel Amfiteatro[br] 10:00 AM[br] – Marco Pignataro: Improvisación en Jazz – Yan Carlos Artime – Juntos por una Canción[br] – Piano/ violín[br] – Daniel Diáz – Percusión Latina[br] [br] Sabado 3 Noviembre[br] Playa Cabarete Tarima oficial / Main Festival stage[br] 10:30 AM[br] – Matt Marvuglio: El Jazz el la sala de clase, desarrollando futuros instrumentistas[br] – Carlos Altagracia: Charla – La improvisación en el salón de clase y un poco de historia de Jazz[br] – Claudia Acuña: El Jazz y la voz[br] [br] Master Class: [br] Playa Cabarete – Back-stage de la tarima oficial / Back-stage of official Festival stage[br] 2:30 PM[br] – Fabrizio Sotti: Guitarra Jazz[br] – Pedro Guzman: El Cuatro Puertorriqueño. Similitudes y diferencias con la Guitarra[br] – Ricky Rodriguez – Bajo Jazz y técnicas de estudio[br] – Henry Cole – Conceptos modernos de batería[br] [br][br]

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