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Born in 1959 in Montecristi, north-west of the Dominican Republic, a place near the sea, and very close to the border with Haiti. When she was 12, she entered the artistic world, spending her early years at the theater.  Since 1978, she works as a singer and songwriter. For over two decades, she lives in the city of Santo Domingo, where she is an essential figure in the artistic landscape and everyday life.  From a very gentle way of living she generates the elements of an intense artistic life, in a continuous process of creation.
[br] [br] [br] Her career could be divided in three main parts: 
[br] 1) First part years 70’s – 80`s

  • Part of the “new troubadors”
  • Composer of songs with social themes
  • Participation in social activities for the people
  • Supported through her songs the movements in Cuba & Nicaragua,
[br] 2) Second part, Mid 80’s

  • Her career is focused on the research of the origins of the Dominican rhythms, specially the Afro Dominican and popular religion
  • This period was devoted to the Dominican folklore
  • She recorded an album entitled “From hill to plain.”
[br] 3) Third part, last part of the 80’s

  • She appeared in the world of Jazz, introduced by Toni Vicioso
  • The group “Kaliumbe” is born, with fusion music.  She is currently working with this group
[br] From this collaboration very rich and important things continue to emege for the Dominican music. From the experiences gained, she decides to pursue fusion music.  Toni Vicioso is in New York and Xiomara Fortuna is heading the group.  Since then, she composes and defines her musical proposal.
[br] Her International performances positioned her under the label of Caribbean Ethnic Jazz.  She prefers to call her work as Caribbean Fusion, because even though she has  Jazz influences, she throws other rhythms less used in popular music, as afro-caribbean religious music, like congó zarandunga, petró, etc.  as well as more known rhythms such as merengue, son, samba, reggae, etc.  The goal always being , to create a totally new concept where harmony and rhythm can converge.
[br] 809-686-1053 oficina