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Bassist Ricardo Rodriguez is part of the jazz scene in NYC , which embraces the entire scope of contemporary music . Besides being an in-demand jazz bassist. Ricardo Rodriguez was born in Ponce , Puerto Rico in 1978. [br][br] He began study music at the age of 7 years old . By the age of 10, Ricardo began study electric bass and acoustic bass with the Prof. Irving Cancel at Juan Morell Campos School of Music in Ponce, P.R.  During his studies in Ponce, he received differents awards such as:  Ferdinand Mendez Molina award , Outstanding Musician award in Berklee in P.R , The Excellence Music award Ernesto Ramos Antonini and The New Jazz talent award in Puerto Rico. [br][br] In 1997 he graduated with honors from Juan Morell Campos School of Music and in the same year , he began his studies at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico.   In 2004 , he  graduated cum laude in the Classical Bass department under the tutelage of professors Federico Silva and Jose  Garcia. In Puerto Rico he had the opportunity to perform with some of the giants in latin scene today, include performaces with (R.I.P) Mr. Ray Barreto , Endel Dueno, Giovanni Hidalgo , Jerry Gonzalez, Bata Cumbele , Pedrito Guzman , Wiliam Cepeda , Tony Lujan and Mandy Visoso and his Latin Orchestra. [br][br] In winter of 2004, Ricardo decided to move to New York City to increase his musical development and earn more experience and to improve in different musical styles, especially in Jazz.  He can be found playing Afro-Caribbean or folkloric latin music . In addition to his work with Ninety Miles Band with Stefon Harris, Nicholas  Payton and David Sanchez, Joe Locke, Miguel Zenon Quartet, David Sanchez Quartet, Wayne Escoffery Quintet, Henry Cole & The Afro Beat Collective  , he has played with Branford Marsalis , Danilo Perez, Ignacio Berro , Donny McCaslin trio, Michele Rosewoman quintet, Lionel Loueke, Aaron Goldberg trio, Billy Drummond, Dave Binney, Dave Schnitter, Janis Siegel, Pedrito Martinez, The Rodriguez Brothers, Osmany Paredes trio, Papo vazquez,  among others. [br][br] Ricardo has already recorded with following musicians: Alvin Batiste & Branford Marsalis ( Tribute Honor Series to Alvin Batiste ), Joe Locke ( Force of Four ), Ricardo Pons and Causa Comun ( Segunda Piel ) , Endel Due~no ( Energy ), Magos Herrra ( Distancia ), Yarimir Caban ( MIMA ), Mayra Casales ( Woman on Fire ), Papo Vazquez ( From the Badlands ), Raul Romero ( Holograma ) , Mike Freeman Zona Vibe ( IN THE ZONE ), The Rodriguez Brothers (Conversations ), Luis Bonilla ( Terminal Clarity ), Desmar Guevarra ( Del otro lado del espejo ), Pete Rodriguez ( Alchemist ), Arturo O’ Farril and The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra ( 40 Acres and a Burro ), Henry Cole and the Afro Beat Collective ( Root before Branches ), and Wayne Escoffery ( The Only Son of One ). [br][br] In addition , Ricardo has performed for famous International Jazz Festivals in United States , South America , Europe and Asia. Currently, Ricardo is playing with Ninety Miles Band featuring Stefon Harris , Nicholas Payton and David Sanchez, Wayne Escoffery quintet, David Sanchez Quartet and his own quintet.[br][br]