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Pedro Guzman Valentine, better known as “Pedrito Guzman” is a musician and cuatrista from Puerto Rico. His execution way helped to get four language  Puerto Rican out of “Jibaro” environment  or rural music which was traditionally framed. [br][br] – At the age of nine years had his first contacts with the guitar, at age 13 made radio appearances with the duo “Guzman Brothers” and at 14 began studying guitar and bass in the Music School in Caguas, combining this with his work as bassist in Cuqui Rodriguez Quintet. [br][br] – In 1970, he played the four with the “Cotton Candy Orchestra” of Rey Rivera and later joined salsa orchestras “Sonata 2000” and “The Creation”. By that time, he also works as a jazz bassist. In 1972 he traveled to Peru with Darwin Santiago’s orchestra, “Puerto Rico ’72” In 1973 at Houston, Texas, with the band “The Creation”. In 1974 he worked for seven years with vocalist Felix Felito. [br][br] – During the eighties, he worked with various groups such as “Rayos Gamma”, “Haciendo punto en otro son”, the orchestra Jose Nogueras and group “Clandestino.” In 1987 he began his career soloist with his project “Jibaro Jazz 1”, Latin jazz group where execution of four is characteristic element. [br][br] He Has taken part of  the Heineken Jazz Festival in Puerto Rico, Curacao Jazz Festival. He also performed in the famous “BLUE NOTE CLUB” in New York, where there have been the most famous musicians of the world jazz genre. [br][br] In Puerto Rico has been awarded prizes, Your Music, TV y Novelas Magazine, Diplo, entertainment, meeting the Great and other village level and private institutions. In 2002 he was awarded in Puerto Rico with another award your music, leaving the production “PEDRO GUZMAN AND FOUR RUMBERO II” Best Instrumental Recording. [br][br] Discography[br]

  • Jibaro Jazz 1 (1987)
  • Jibaro Jazz 2 (1988)
  • Jíbaro Jazz 3 (1992)
  • Cosas Nuevas- Pedro Guzmán -Jíbaro Jazz (1993)
  • Live at The Blue Note (1994)
  • Jíbaro Jazz 6 (1995)
  • Feliz-Navijazz (1996)
  • Cuatro rumbero (1997)
  • El artesano (1998)
  • Cuatro Rumbero II (2000)
  • con Alma de Niño (2001)
  • Transformación (2002)
  • “Sola y libre tu bandera” ( with Edgar Zayas).[br][br]