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Leonel Francisco Amat, La Havana, Cuba known as Pancho Amat, guitarist and tresista. He has raised the three as a concert instrument through linking concepts of classical, jazz and troubadours air. [br][br] – In 1971 he founded the Group Manguare, who manages for over 15 years. – He graduated from classical guitar by the Ignacio Cervantes’s conservatory. – Has worked with numerous Cuban music formats as trios or quartets, typical sets, Charangas, even making arrangements for symphony orchestra characterized by virtuosity in their live performances. [br][br] – He has collaborated with artists such as Joaquín Sabina, Oscar D’Leon, Pablo Milanes, Rosana, Ry Cooder, Silvio Rodriguez, Victor Victor, Yomo Toro, and Victor Jara, among others. – He has toured the USA, Europe and Japan with different groups of Cuban music. – For 1995 edits brass bands disk that gets the National Critics Award in Cubadisco. – Worked with Spanish rocker Santiago Auseron in the project Juan Perro, merging the three with the rock. [br][br] – In De  San Antonio to Maisi, his second feature, combines different styles of Cuban music such as son and bolero working with his group El  Cabildo del Son. This album was rewarded in 2002 Cubadisco Award for Best Traditional Music Album. – Pancho Amat is in Cuba continuer of the work of famous players of three as Arsenio Rodriguez [br][br] Known as the most virtuous of global treseros provides this 2012 recording three albums: one with the Puerto Rican singer Andy Montanez, the second with his son Daniel and the third with his band The Cabildo del Son. [br][br] The musician said it is in the process of terminating an instrumental album with Bis Music label, with a DVD included, consisting of a didactic work, which explains the particular way of playing the instrument. “It may be instructive and attractive at the same time because people always want to know how the artist thinks the music,” he said. Amat specified that is not strict guidelines draw quite the contrary, because the instrument is well, has great potential, and I said, I face this way. [br][br] The musician has elevated the three to a higher category as concertante instrument developing techniques and concepts from the classics, son, Punto Guajiro, jazz and trova.