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Henry Cole, is a man who breathes, lives and thinks in his music, in his percussion, in his rhythm. He began playing instruments since age 4, and 9 are enamored of the drums. Behold the beginnings of this musical romance that has led him to share platforms around the world with Giovanny Hidalgo, CVP, Ray Barretto, Orlando  “Puntilla” Rios, Viento de Agua, among many others. [br] [br] Born in Mayaguez, moves to San Juan in 1999 to study at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico. Then he moved to Boston, Massachusetts to continue his studies at Berklee College of Music. [br][br] Beyond the technical education of music that is acquired in a classroom, there are influences in his life that highlight the sensitivity of thought and ideas. Among these influences areTaoism and Buddhism. And while not considered a believer of these religions, if you try to “grab all you can for me, which I work, what I feel that attracts me,” as described. [br] [br] Henry Cole is an innovative and explosive drummer who leads the Jazz in this century to a dimension never before explored, is the leader of Collective The Afrobeat Collective whose album “Roots before Branches” recorded in 2011, won the best mentions of critics. Henry in their musical offers adjusts to any improvisation instrument and makes their performances true masterpieces,he does his  the integration of  all its varied influences, including folklore of Puerto Rico, funk and R & B as well as mixing modern jazz with Afro-Caribbean rhythmic traditions. [br] [br] If we could see the resume of Henry we would be impressed. Guatiao, Mupsiquita, Vivanativa, Manjar de los Dioses, Velcro, Welmo, L PVC, Giovanni Hidalgo and Calle 13 are just a few of the musicians who have sponsored the talent of Cole on the island. However, he has traveled the world and shared the stage with great architects of musical art: Miguel Zenon, David Sanchez, Chris Potter, Ray Barreto, The Chico O’Farrill Afro Cuban Big Band and Eduard Simon, among others. [br] [br] Henry Cole trie to break down barriers created by gender, and promote enhancement of the senses through “chapters, comments and conversations” to be discovered in his compositions. As proposed, the proposal is only for Puerto Rico and the Latin American nation. His first album Roots Before Branches load our African heritage in his stout rhythmic structure and sensuality of Latin in engaging melodies.