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EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION Dominican Republic Jazz Festival (FEDUJAZZ) [br][br] FEDUJAZZ is a nonprofit organization, established in 2010 and incorporated in order and longing for to expand the opportunity music  education and the search for a better future for all children in the Dominican Republic.[br][br] FEDUJAZZ has a responsibility to design, promote and manage the programs, workshops, counseling and music education having as Teaching Platform Jazz and making the DR Jazz Festival the biggest event in its billboard Activities.[br][br] Our main goal is to support and promote music education, spreading the Jazz massively, contribute to the consolidation of the DR Jazz Festival to promote the new public interest and contribute to the creation and preservation of this genre. Understanding that music is the link between the people, that brings joy and promotes equality.[br][br] Mission FEDUJAZZ[br][br] Our mission will always be inspired by the promotion and consolidation Music Education, jazz and D.R. Jazz Festival promoting and creating development seminars, meetings, workshops, clinics with international artists, educational projects with specialized programs in the genre, Agreements with Cultural Institutions, Consulting and Professional Support directed especially to all children  and youth regardless interested in jazz through the implementation and technical support of programs designed to strengthen links with the music, the family and society.[br][br] VISION OF FEDUJAZZ It aspires to be one of the leading and pioneering institutions in the Dominican Republic music promoter, being manager of the resources necessary for the conclusion of the DR Jazz Festival, creating workshops, music lessons, workshops, so that any child or young, whatever their background, can access specialized programs in music education in Jazz favoring the formation of new talent, musicians, arrangers and composers, musical and cultural activities; designer and executor of high quality innovative programs, promoting inter-agency collaboration, a provider of technical support and management of national and international resources.[br][br] Steering Committee FEDUJAZZ[br][br] • Honorary President Fulgencio Ochoa Morel • President Lorenzo Roberto Ferrarese Sancassani • Vice President Ramón Vásquez Martirena • Maria Elena Moreno Grateraux Secretary • Jennifer GreerKirkman Treasurer. • First Vocal Erzingatzian Anahid • Second Faringthon Adolfo Vocal • Third Zinaman Seth David Vocal • Cost Mercedes Mena Herminia Institutional Comptroller Educational Programs: THE DREAM PROJECT / CABARETE FEDUJAZZ start this 2012 its permanent music education program in conjunction with The Dream Project, a program of musical training and musical introductory workshops involving 400 children who are being partakers of the influence of music as a tool for change and development. Among the objectives began training Instrumental Program in which they develop the skills of our children for the construction of the First Children’s Jazz Orchestra This program is being advised by the Artistic Director of the Fundación Ramón Vázquez and supported by the entire Board.[br][br] ART HOUSE / SOSUA[br][br] FEDUJAZZ together the City of Sosua and the enormous effort of Adolfo Faringthon, currently working on the completion of the physical enclosure that accommodate all the children in the music program that plans to start by January 2013.[br][br] FEDUJAZZ / SANTIAGO.[br][br] Currently working on the Organization to open a chapter of Music Education in the city of Santiago de los Caballeros, seeking to expand music access to all Dominican children living in this city, under the commitment and full support from our President Honorific: Mr. Fulgencio Ochoa. We wait in the shortest possible time to start the Jazz Education Program in Santiago.[br][br] Specialized Workshops[br][br] Within the organization to D.R. Jazz Festival our goal and objective to organize Workshops, Training and programs run by the artists participating in the Festival. Throughout history of Festival we have developed several workshops in each version of the event we have a workshop.[br][br] In version 15th of the Festival wet had 10 workshops with the participation of over 1200 students.[br][br] We have the backing and support of artists and renowned jazz figures such as:[br][br] Teachers Berklee College of Music as:[br][br] Marco Pignataro Matt Marvuglio Danilo Perez Jazz Artists[br][br] John Benitez [br]Gem Slider [br]Ismael Miranda[br] Ramon Vazquez[br] Paoli Mejias[br] Eric Figueroa [br]Manolito Rodriguez [br]David Sanchez, etc ….[br][br] In the current version Workshops will be responsible for:[br][br] Stanley Jordan[br] Claudia Acuna [br]Marco Pignataro[br] Matt Marvuglio[br] Fabrizio Sotti Henry Cole [br]Ricky Rodriguez[br]