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Retro Jazz - Ago 2013Jazzeando the Dominican Songbook

In the year 2011, the renowned Dominican musician Pengbian Sang embarks on a project whose objective would make a difference in the jazz field of the Dominican Republic: help reduce the distance between the general public of popular music and the select jazz-loving public.

Making use of his training and experience as arranger, orchestrator and jazz musician, Pengbian manages to combine the beauty and elegance of the most popular Dominican songs of all time, with the jazz, bossa, funk and other styles associated with jazz.

So as in the month of March, Pengbian and Retro Jazz released their album “Jazzeando the Dominican Songbook Vol. 1”. With it the Group has achieved recognition both of artistic criticism, the press, and the public in general, agree that this important musical project contributes significantly to enhance the Dominican music, to raise the cultural level of our nation, and to vindicate the Dominicans of many of our songs, whose origin  is not known at the international level.

The impact of the artistic work of Pengbian Sang and Retro Jazz has transcended our borders. Their album is being distributed in the United States by Sony Records and is offered by the company “Amazon” as one of the novelties in the Department of “World Music”. Several jazz festivals in the Caribbean area have extended him invitations to the group, and his participation as a main attraction at the South Florida Dominican Jazz Fest to be held in Miami on October 19 has been confirmed.


Accompanied by musicians from renowned, and expressive voice of Nairoby Duarte, Pengbian brings us from Creole to popular merengues, from romantic boleros to savory sauces, recreated in a way such that although rhythmic and harmonically they are different from the original versions, maintain its melodic richness and, of course, the beauty of his lyrics.


The members of Retro Jazz are:

Nairoby Duarte: it starts in the music as a vocalist in the field of music Christian, where stands out from an early age, taking its first steps in the choir of the National Conservatory, where began his singing studies. He was a Chorister of important groups and artists such as group teas-A-T, Paulino Johan Christian and Marcos Yaroide, among others. He has also worked with the likes of Danny Rivera, Luis Enrique, Manuel Jimenez, Maridalia Hernández and Pavel Nuñez. He participated in the musicals “Rent” and “The man of la Mancha”.

Federico Méndez: Graduate of the Berklee College of Music (Boston, Massachusetts) and the University of Georgia, this guitarist is one of the studio musicians more requested in Santo Domingo. He was a founding member of the Santo Domingo Jazz Big Band and has performed with artists of the stature of Arturo Sandoval, Danny Rivera, Filipa Country, José Feliciano, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Olga Tañón, Milly Quezada, Jandy Feliz and the André family.

Edgar Molina: percussionist who studied in the Department of popular music of the Conservatorio Nacional de Música de Santo Domingo, as well as the master Edis Sanchez. In his career made work with renowned jazz groups, Rock, fusion, folk and electronica, such as: Chichi Peralta, Danny Rivera, Pery Riberio, Pavel Nuñez, urban heat, Jandy Feliz, family André, Patricia Pereyra and deep touch.

Jesús Abreu (Gury): graduated from the National Conservatory of music clarinet. He attended studies in the center of the culture of Santiago with teachers of the Conservatory of Puerto Rico. He ventured into the popular music as a saxophonist, taking his career work with bands both at home and in the City of New York. He was a member of the Santo Domingo Jazz Big Band and also has worked with artists of the stature of Juan Luis Guerra, family André, Maridalia Hernandez, Manuel Tejada, Jorge Taveras and Milly Quezada.

Álvaro Dinzey: Singer/backing vocalist, arranger and composer, pianist/keyboardist, Member of the Latin Academy of recording arts and Sciences of (LARAS, organizer of the) Latin Grammy). He is a member of the Group Christian vocal musician teas-A-T, keyboardist and musical director of the ALOE JAZZ group and keyboard player for the JAZZCHRIST. He studied in the National Conservatory of music, and a diploma in composition and arrangement with the Master Corey Allen.

Ezequiel Francisco: Began his musical career at an early age. With only 14 years formed part of the recognized Christian group “95 North”, which traveled widely. Drummer in numerous record productions for artists such as Juan Luis Guerra, José Feliciano, Milly Quezada, Tercer Cielo and Jandy Feliz.

They have with performances alongside Francisco Céspedes, Julio Iglesias, Chichi Peralta, Yolandita monk, Danny Rivera and Marcos Witt among others.

Pengbian Sang: Born in Santiago, he is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music. It has composed the music of several Dominican movies, among them “Nueba Yol” and “Perico Ripiao”, as well as the orchestration of the musical”snow white”. As an arranger and producer has worked with prominent artists such as Milly Quezada, Mikey Taveras, Maridalia Hernandez, Sergio Vargas, Frank Ceará, Félix D’ oil and Joseguillermo. He has been nominated twice for the Casandra awards in the category of arranger/Orchestrator. He has performed with leading jazz figures, between the which include Gonzalo Rubalcaba and Arturo Sandoval. It was next to the master Crispin Fernandez, was director and founder of the Santo Domingo Jazz Big Band. He is a member of The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS, organizer of the) Grammy Awards) and the Latin Academy of recording arts and Sciences of the (LARAS, organizer of the Latin Grammys).