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Patricia Pereyra 2Patricia Pereyra is a Dominican singer of “fusion music”.  This fusion is based in many different genres; and her interpretations include dramatic histrionics, presenting a fusion of elements that go from jazz, blues, rock, world music and many other musical tendencies of the modern classic. She has participated many times in different national and international musical festivals. Patricia Pereyra has received numerous awards and was honored with the International Casandra Award in 2011 for her distinct contributions to Dominican Republic musical culture.

What possesses us to return over and over again to see her concerts is her authenticity. Patricia Pereyra is true to herself as a performer and artist. Her art is the echo, the reflection of her intense, impetuous and passionate personality. Perhaps the key is that Patricia Pereyra lets her interior voice rise and it becomes a singing, a cry or a trill; responding to the most pure emotion that dominates her at that particular moment, unique in an artistic interpretation. This is what allows her to take her own, or others melodies, and recompose them, recreate them, give them her own emphasis and nuance with a whirl and volcanic intensity. Experiencing Patricia Pereyra perform live is a unique encounter that we should not miss.