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Hisdra Alvarez | Drums  

Hisdra Alvarez is a musician and educator. He teaches drum lessons at FEDUJAZZ.

Jesús Elías Jiménez Geraldo | Guitar, Electric Bass & Music Theory 

Jesús Elías Jiménez Geraldo began his musical studies at the Municipal Music Academy in Guayubín, while still in high school. He then moved to the city of Santo Domingo where he studied a degree in music from the autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), and also at the National Conservatory of Music (CNM) in which he studies Jazz Guitar performance with Maestro Antonio Brito. He participates in the Berklee On the Road program. This term, Elías is a professor of Music Theory and String Instruments (guitar and electric bass) at FEDUJAZZ.

Junker Horton Martez | Brass & Woodwind instruments, Big Band Ensemble director 

Junker Horton Martez began his musical studies at the Luis Alberti Academy. Later he started at the national music conservatory where he studied saxophone with maestro Crispin Fernandez. Later he went to the band of the O&M University of the Dominican Republic. He is saxophonist of the Big Band de Jazz of the national music conservatory, director of the band and elementary school of music of the fire department of Nigua and director of the Big Band of Haina, with more than 15 years of experience training children and youth in the area of music. Since the beginning of the term, Junker has been the teacher of woodwind and brass instruments, and director of the Big Band of our FEDUJAZZ Foundation.

Rodolfo Morales Minaya | Piano

Rodolfo Morales Minaya started his music studies with a private teacher back in 2002. Not long after, his parents decided to enroll him in the School of Fine Arts in Puerto Plata so he could continue with his musical education. After that, he attended the Institute of Culture and Art in Santiago in which he had German pianist Robert Liebermann as a teacher. Rodolfo has been a sideman for several musical projects since 2012. Also, he has been teaching music on a private level for the last 10 years. Since the beginning of the new term, Rodolfo is the piano teacher of FEDUJAZZ.

Shaudi Bianca Vahdat | Voice & Music Theory 

Shaudi Bianca Vahdat is thrilled to join the FEDUJAZZ team as a Graduate Teaching Fellow from Berklee College of Music, where she recently graduated as a vocalist from the Contemporary Performance (Production Concentration) Masters program. Shaudi is a musician and theatre artist, originally from Seattle, Washington, USA.  Shaudi has released two self-produced EPs, 2012’s Some Songs, and her 2017 follow-up Left, both available on iTunes, Spotify, and other streaming platforms. A strong believer in the power of the arts to assist in the progress of humanity and unite people of all backgrounds, Shaudi seeks to use music to normalize multiculturalism and multilingualism for her audiences, often performing in both English and Farsi. Shaudi holds a BA in Drama Performance with a minor in Music from the University of Washington. At FEDUJAZZ, she teaches voice, as well as the beginning music theory class.